How to Avoid Cluttering Your Storage Unit

Published on 9/19/2022

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Storing items can seem easy the first time someone gets around it. Get a bunch of stuff, throw them in an empty room or a storage facility, and the job is done. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems, and even if it looks like everything is in order the first time, it can quickly turn into a mess. Let's see why this happens and how to avoid cluttering your storage unit.

Plan your steps

When you start storing things away, however good you place them at the beginning, filling the storage unit takes very little effort. So much that you might even throw in numerous items without realizing it. Items because of their sentimental value or simply because you think you might need them later. The problem is, if you keep adding objects without some planning and organization, it is only a matter of time before the storage unit becomes an overwhelming mountain of items.

In case you are not comfortable doing this on your own, companies like Helix Transfer & Storage can assist you with planning your storage space. They can even transfer your belongings to and from the storage unit. While this includes some costs, it is better to rely on professionals to take the stress of all this work off your hands.

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Make a list

First of all, before you begin, make a list of what you have already stored. It is very easy to forget what is still around after some time, especially if you keep adding things. Thus, creating a list will make our life a lot easier. It will also immensely help you to avoid cluttering your storage unit further. 

 It is a good idea to start by categorizing things by type, date, or size. Because this will help us in the long run, both for finding something or storing similar objects together for ease of access.

Do not be afraid to throw stuff away

It is not easy to dispose of items stored in the past, but it is essential to know how to let go. An object could be in storage because you might need it someday. However, a year or two can quickly go by, and you didn't even look at it. In other words, it might be time to reevaluate if you will need it in the near future. This doesn't mean you should throw away such items if they have sentimental value. But if you don't use them often, consider moving them further away from the entrance to have more space. 

On the other hand, having items lying around only to gather dust in the storage unit is no good either. Selling, donating, or even recycling some of them is better than simply throwing them away.

Organization is vital

The first step to organization is to see if all of the stuff can fit where you want to put them. If you still have too much of it, there is a selection of storage units for rent which can help you increase the storage volume. You can also separate our items and store different object types on other storage units, making it even easier to find what you need in the future.

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How to place everything

Begin by making sure the chosen storage place of choice is ready to accommodate our belongings in a well-preserved manner. Placing shelves and palettes makes the storage more accessible and protects the inventory from pests or other unforeseen accidents like floods.

After that, you can begin packing. Don't forget to label the boxes accordingly, so everything is as easy to find as possible. Placing items often used in front and the rest further in the back is a better option. This will also ensure that you are less likely to make a mess next time you need something. In case you moving and storing large furniture, it is easier to disassemble it first. Not only does this make it more manageable to transfer, but it also takes less space in storage.

How to avoid cluttering your storage unit – closing off

Now that everything is in order and organized to perfection (or as close to it as possible), it is only a matter of time before everything gets messed up again. So, to avoid getting there in the first place, there are some steps you need to follow. 

  • Firstly, you should clean the storage unit as regularly as possible. Don’t feel inclined to do a major cleaning too often. Once a year is enough to keep things clean and in order.
  • Whenever you need to store something new, adding it to the list, labeling it, and placing it in a good place can go a long way. Undoubtedly, it's easier and faster just to put it somewhere inside. Before you know it, you'll forget about that item, and you will place another one over it. And another, eventually resulting in a mess you'll have to sort again.
  • As time goes by and more stuff comes your way, you may have to reassess the inventory for items you thought you needed. In that case, consider if switching to a bigger storage unit would be more effective. 

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Just do it

 It can be tedious and overwhelming to clear our storage, especially if there was no planning in the past. Hopefully, this guide will help you avoid cluttering your storage unit altogether. But if you are about to start from the beginning, remember – however tiring it may seem, just take it slowly, and before you know it, it will be as good as new. It may not be a one-day job, so dividing the work into parts will make it easier and more manageable.