How Seniors Can Benefit From Self-Storage

Published on 5/17/2022
Many people look forward to enjoying Golden Years once they reach retirement age. Moreover, after decades of living in a spacious house where they reared their children, the house suddenly feels too enormous without them. Moving into a smaller home and downsizing seems like a great solution. As they start doing this, many seniors realize they’ve acquired a mountain of personal items that they’ll need to reduce. While there are many methods to simplify one’s life, newly retired couples may not want to let go of everything they own, including a lifetime’s worth of memories. This is the reason why they frequently choose long term storage options. Read on to learn how seniors can benefit from self-storage.

Self-storage is affordable for seniors

Storage unit starting prices can be as low as $40-50 per month. If we look into this further, we will see why seniors frequently use self-storage facilities. For example, if you need extra storage space, you can consider upgrading from a studio apartment to a larger one-bedroom apartment. In terms of cost, seniors can spend 50% more than they did previously. This would not be the case with self-storage options. Renting a self-storage facility is the most cost-effective alternative for seniors who require additional room. Moreover, if they cannot visit the facility they want to rent, they can rent and pay online. In this way, they can save more money and time.

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It is hassle-free

Seniors often cannot handle the packing and transferring of their belongings, so they hire a moving company to have a safe transfer across NYC. Movers can transfer and unpack your belongings in your new home, but you can also use their services if you need to transfer your items to a storage unit. In case you are moving, a storage unit can be a handy solution if the new place is not ready yet, but you are in a hurry to move. Also, a storage unit can be helpful if you don't have enough space for all the items you wish to keep but can't fit in your smaller home. Placing everything in a storage unit will keep them safe and clean.

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Self-storage units can help seniors declutter their homes

Most seniors decide to move to a smaller or compact apartment once their now-adult kids move out. They figure they don't need as much space, but it turns out that it is easy to fill these small places with mountains of knick-knacks. As it happens, their grown kids are out, but their grandkids come into their place. So, seniors choose to rent self-storage units and remove unnecessary items, such as home decor, some bulky furniture, or old clothes. Unlike youngsters, who like to throw a party in their apartment, seniors like to spend time with their grandchildren. 

For this reason, they like to have their place clutter-free and visually beautiful. Still, instead of giving up on their belongings, they mostly hire short-term storage and keep them there for some time. The best thing is that seniors can bring those items back when they need them themselves or have their belongings picked up and delivered when they need them again.

Self-storage helps seniors to sell their homes quickly

Seniors who are relocating may decide to sell their current residence. They can improve their chances of selling it by cleaning it up inside in preparation for possible purchasers. They can then rent a storage unit to temporarily store all of their personal possessions, in which case choosing the correct size of the unit is of utmost importance. Real estate brokers always prefer a well-prepared house on the market. If there is no furniture or clothes on their way, possible buyers will have a better insight into the residence, and the place will sell faster and for a better price.

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Self-storage functions as an addition to your closet

People have a lot of clothes. We often buy clothes that we don't need, creating clutter in our homes. As many seniors live in a cramped NYC apartments, they'll appreciate the extra storage options. Fortunately, storage facilities abound in New York, so they won't have trouble locating the proper one to store their seasonal clothes. Another idea is to install a separate compartment in a storage unit to accommodate your growing fashion obsession. For instance, many seniors like skiing, but ski suits and other equipment occupy too much space. Keeping them in a proper storage unit will keep them safe and make more room for other stuff.

Closing remarks on how seniors can benefit from self-storage units

Seniors should not have to worry about their belongings or where they will be stored. That's why self-storage exists: to assist people in moving, settling down, and doing other things they've always wanted to do. Seniors can benefit from self-storage, whether they want to declutter their homes or sell their current residence. Also, hiring a moving company will make using self-storage units hassle-free and affordable. In a world where everything is getting smaller, only junk is getting bigger, so people should try to find a way to fight against it. 

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