6 Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Self-Storage

Published on 5/5/2022

6 Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Self-Storage

We cannot deny that most New York apartments aren't great on the side storage-wise. So, even though minimalism has become a way of life for many New Yorkers, sometimes their space isn't enough. That's why most of these flats have hidden and useful storage hacks installed all over the place. Another solution people here swear by is self-storage units. Nobody wonders anymore why New Yorkers love self-storage units – there are plenty of reasons for that. And they usually opt for long-term storage solutions.


This option has become a lifesaver for many, and the reasons are numerous. The article you're about to read will tell you all about the top reasons why self-storage is so loved by New Yorkers!

The list of reasons why New Yorkers love self-storage

Self-storage might sound like something only for those who accumulate a lot of stuff. Even though this might be the case for those with an attic and a garage, it's not so much for people living in the Big Apple. 


Citizens of New York aren't strangers to proper downsizing and heavy edits of their possessions. However, it's simply impossible to squeeze all of your life into two rooms. So, once they realize a single closet isn't enough, the next logical step is to seek a storage unit nearby.


Fortunately, you won't have to do things on your own. Instead, you can hire local NYC movers to take your stuff to storage, where you can later arrange your possessions in your brand-new storage extension. It's worth knowing that help is always available in the Big Apple, no matter what you're trying to do.


So, without further ado, let's see why New Yorkers adore storage units, which might make you think of renting one for yourself.

Believe it or not, storage is affordable

Storage unit starting prices can be as low as $40-50 per month. If we look into this matter in detail, we'll quickly realize why the people of New York opt for self-storage options often.

For instance, if you require more storage space, you might want to move from a studio apartment (with one or two small closets) to a larger one-bedroom apartment to get two additional closets. In terms of pricing, you might end up paying 50% more compared to your previous rent. 

 Self-storage units in New York are both affordable and functional.

With self-storage solutions, this wouldn't be the case. The most economical option for New Yorkers that need more space is renting a self-storage unit.

Access is easy

Storage units in New York are well dispersed and plentiful. Therefore, you won't have to worry about accessing your unit. 


Even if you don't own a car or a van to move your possession with, this isn't something you should worry about. In New York, you'll be able to find the nearest storage unit and carry your belongings there

Another reason why New Yorkers love self-storage is that it's hassle-free

If you need a storage unit but cannot deal with the packing and transporting of your things, don't worry. Due to the abundance of self-storage companies, you'll easily be able to find the ones that offer transportation and help with packing your storage unit


You'll ensure your storage unit will be organized and managed by hiring them. Thus, one of the most common reasons NYC citizens love paying for self-storage units is that they'll get a full-service company helping them out every step of the way.

Helps with decluttering

Most New Yorkers live in snug and small apartments. And, as it turns out, it's not that difficult to make these apartments overflow with clutter. So, it's not a surprise why people of New York fancy self-storage units. 

Keeping their homes cozy and clutter-free is another reason why New Yorkers love self-storage units.


You might want to host a party, move to a smaller apartment, or keep your existing snug apartment clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing - without getting rid of possessions you hold dear. So, if some of these scenarios sound familiar, you might be the perfect candidate for contacting a self-storage company and checking your options. 


Whether you need a short or long-term storage solution, the ease of access and affordability of these units will make decluttering your apartment easy and efficient.

It represents an extension to your closet

If you are a fashion lover and live in a tiny NYC apartment, you'll be happy to search for additional storage solutions. Luckily, storage units are plentiful in New York, so you won't have any difficulty finding the right one to keep your seasonal clothing. Or on the other hand, you could even build a walk-in closet in your storage unit and let your passion for fashion comfortably grow.

You could make a walk-in closet in your storage unit if you lack space for all your clothes in your apartment.

Leasing terms are flexible

Finally, you'll be happy to know you can rent space for as short as three months as well as long-term. So, self-storage solutions are still the best option if you are in between apartments and need a temporary space to store your things or need a safe space for your work-related materials.


You won't have to worry about some absurd terms or cancellation fees when renting one. If you aren't sure how long you'll need to rent your self-storage unit, go for month-to-month leases.

Final words on why New Yorkers love self-storage

Ultimately, the main reason why New Yorkers love self-storage gets down to two elements. Firstly, the availability of storage options and solutions in NYC is plentiful and diverse. Secondly, the lifestyle of a regular New Yorker involves the hustle and bustle in many aspects of life. Therefore, they seek quiet and more uncomplicated options wherever they can. This can be visible in their tiny apartments that look spacious and luxurious or in the services they choose to go for. So, when you combine these two aspects, you'll quickly realize why an average New York citizen often uses self-storage units and swears by them.