Tips for Storing and Organizing Halloween Decorations

Published on 10/25/2021

Tips for Storing and Organizing Halloween Decorations

Alt feature: A home decorated for Halloween before it needs to be stored and organized.

With the Halloween season approaching, we're excited to see all the fantastic and imaginative decorations. Coming up with new ways to make this holiday fun, exciting, and enjoyable for our little ones as well as ourselves can be challenging. Still, it's the time where we get to let our inner child come out and play for a while. Nevertheless, being a grown-up also entails having to think about what comes next. As the saying that all good things must come to an end states, Halloween fun has to end eventually. Before we get into the Christmas spirit, we need to dedicate some time to storing and organizing Halloween decorations. Here's some advice on the subject. 

Make an inventory

Before you roll up your sleeves and get down to work, you need to make a solid plan. Storing and organizing Halloween decorations doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. There's a lot that you can do to prevent it from getting messy or chaotic. The first and most important piece of advice on the subject is to create an inventory of all the items you'll need to pack and store. Make sure to start with making some categories and work your way up from there. For example, divide all your decorations into the respective rooms you usually display them in. Other than that, you could also sort them out by materials, fragility, durability, etc. Whatever makes sense and works for you will be great.

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Make sure to make clean plans before you store and organize Halloween decorations.

Label, label, label!

Once you get into organizing and storing Halloween decorations, you need to label everything in detail. Let's face it; a whole year will go by before you even think about these decorations. Assuming that you're not gifted with a photographic memory that doesn't fleet, you'll need to think of another way to remember where everything is. So, labeling is your best bet. Make sure to label in the same way you made your inventory list - divide and conquer. Firstly, label your boxes by categories, and then make a small list of everything that's inside each box.

Color coordination

Another great way to remember how you've stored and organized your Halloween decorations is to color-code them. Either divide everything up into different colored containers or use different colored markers to label cardboard boxes. It's important to remember that you shouldn't be too big of a perfectionist when it comes to this since practicality is much more important than aesthetics. 

Maximize your space

  • Put smaller things into larger ones

  • If you have some more oversized decorations such as giant pumpkins or even Halloween-inspired furniture, make sure to utilize them to the best of your abilities. This is maximizing your space 101. However, not many people think of it for storing and organizing their Halloween decorations. Take as many smaller decorative pieces and keep them in the larger ones.

  • Donate

  • If you're really into Halloween, you'll probably end up purchasing a lot of new decorations for the next year anyway. Why waste your time storing and organizing Halloween decorations when you can donate them. 

  • Purchase space-saving furniture

  • If you haven't yet, purchasing space-saving furniture is a must no matter the occasion. Make sure to think through which furniture pieces you need. Some perfect examples of furniture pieces that offer a lot of storage space are beds, chairs, ottomans, tables, etc.

Alt-tag: A pumpkin that's a typical decoration for Halloween. 

Using a pumpkin to store and organize more miniature Halloween decorations is a great idea.

Cleaning the decorations is a must

Although it's painstakingly tedious work, it simply needs to be done. In this case, leaving tomorrows' problems to tomorrow's you isn't such a good idea. You'll end up having to do so much more the following year since the dust can really pile up. Make sure to clean up all your decorations before storing and organizing them after Halloween. Better yet, you can make it a part of your seasonal cleaning plans. Who says spring is the only cleaning season?

Use bubble pack

Make sure to treat your fragile items right. A lot of Halloween decorations are very delicate. Now, this doesn't mean that they're very valuable and expensive, of course. Nevertheless, since most decorations are made out of thin plastic, they can easily break. Just because something isn't costly, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't preserve it. The best-proven method for protecting fragile items is using a bubble pack. You can both fill shallow pieces with it and use it as a barrier between two objects.

Decorate your home carefully to make organizing easier later

Decorating your home for Halloween entails a lot more than merely placing decorative pieces around your home. It takes some aptitude for interior design and quite a bit of effort to make your home look nice and cozy for the season. That's how you'll create decor everyone will remember. However, if you want to become a pro in decorating for Halloween, you should always think a few steps ahead. Try to decorate your home in such a way that it'll be much easier to clean it up, store the ornaments, and organize them later on, whatever that means in your particular case.

Rent a storage unit

If your home's on the smaller side or you have too many things, you might not be able to store and organize Halloween decorations very effectively. If this is your case, make sure to address the issue head-on and not try to squeeze everything in your closet or basement at all costs. Instead, rent out a storage unit. It will take the pressure off when the time to declutter and organize your home comes.

Alt-tag: Storage units that you can use for storing Halloween decorations after you've organized them. 

If you don't have enough space in your home, make sure to rent out a storage unit where you can store Halloween decorations after organizing them.

Be eco-friendly while storing and organizing Halloween decorations

No matter how you've decided to handle storing and organizing Halloween decorations, make sure to be conscious about how you treat the planet along the way. Using as little plastic as possible is the first step. Recycle all you can and make sure not to give in to the temptation to purchase a massive amount of items you don't need and won't use. We can all do our best to ensure the future for the next generations.