Tips for storing Christmas decorations

Published on 1/14/2022

Tips for storing Christmas decorations

The holiday season is almost over. And then comes the least fun part - taking off the Christmas decorations and putting them away. In order to protect them from damage, dust, and moisture, it is essential to store them correctly until the next year. In this article, we’ll share some of the best tips for storing Christmas decorations.

First things first…

Make sure the items you pack are in good condition before placing them in storage. Remove all the broken or damaged pieces so you can’t ‘save them’. Next year, save yourself time when you start browsing through the decorations - have them ready and shiny. Clean the rest of the décor before putting it into boxes and bins, so you are fully prepared to decorate your home next time.

Storing the tree

Let’s begin with probably the biggest Christmas décor item – the tree. Artificial trees are great as they allow you to use them many times without changing how they look. Or do they? If not stored correctly, plastic Christmas trees will collect dust, fade in color, and lose their original shape. The best method for putting away a tree is to cover it with plastic wrap. Put the branches up to protect the shape, and wrap the tree in plastic from bottom to top. Next year, you only need a pair of scissors to unwrap it – cut the plastic wrap, and your tree will be ready to shine again.

Trees are quite delicate. Make sure to protect their shape and color.


It is essential to label everything you store in your unit, attic, garage, etc. This will ensure you don’t accidentally throw something away and help you find items much faster when the holiday season starts. If you have ornaments in different colors or shapes, sort them into categories, and label each one accordingly. Also, write where each of them goes if you have multiple decorated areas in your home or want to separate them from your Halloween decorations. Your future self will be thankful, as you will get everything you need much faster.

 After you seal the boxes, write what’s in them.

Storing the ornaments

Categories by color are important, but with ornaments, you need to think about one more thing – how fragile the pieces are. Christmas ornaments come in many different shapes and materials, so be sure to consider that when you start packing.

Start with the most fragile pieces

Delicate glass balls are beautiful on a tree, yet they are pretty demanding when storing. They are usually lightweight and fragile, so any pressure or sudden movement can break them. Often, Christmas ornaments don’t come with special storage containers, so you need to figure out a way to protect them in your storage space. It’s best to find stackable plastic containers, possibly with dividers inside. You can also make these dividers from cardboard. If possible, find containers made of see-through plastic, so you can easily find your decorative items when you need them the next time. Finally, don’t forget to wrap each ornament in some kind of protective material before putting it in a box. This is similar to packing mugs or plates for a move – wrap each item individually to avoid scratches or breaks. 

Remember: next time you need to decorate your home, don’t throw all the wrapping away. Save it when the time for storing Christmas decorations comes once again.

Branches and wreaths

Even though these are less delicate than glass balls, branches and wreaths also need protection in storage. They can easily lose shape and break, lose some of the branches or decorations, and fade. Make sure you wrap them correctly and place them in specially designed containers or boxes to protect them.


Christmas lights may cause you trouble if you don’t store them correctly. They can get tangled, the plastic/glass parts can break, and the cables can get damaged and stop working. And if you have a big home and a tall Christmas tree, lights can get expensive. There are several methods for storing them, but we suggest taking a flat piece of cardboard and carefully wrapping the lights around it so you can easily unwrap them the next time. Next, cover the entire contraption in tissue paper before placing it in a box or bag. As the lights include wires, they should be placed on a top shelf or hung on a wall to minimize the risks of humidity damage.

Wires can easily tangle and break if you don’t store them correctly.

Storage units are great for storing Christmas decorations

More and more people are opting for improvised solutions when it comes to storing their items during a move or some other challenging situation. However, DIY storage comes with many risks – damage to the breakable items (such as Christmas decorations), mess and clutter, and additional costs of maintaining and repairing such spaces. Renting a storage unit is a much better idea, as it simplifies the process, offers perfect conditions for your belongings, and is easily accessible. However, you also need to put in some effort to keep things organized and mess-free in the unit to make finding and reaching stored goods easy. 

As holidays come once a year, storing Christmas decorations in a storage unit seems like a great idea. They will not take up space in your home, and if you store them safely, you will easily access them the next time you need to make your home bright and jolly!