Checklist For Packing Your Storage Unit Like A Pro

Published on 2/24/2022

Checklist For Packing Your Storage Unit Like A Pro

If you need a place to store some excess items, you can’t go wrong with renting a storage unit. Whether you need the storage as a short-term solution (for example, if you're moving or remodeling) or if you need a long-term storage option, there's a storage unit out there that can suit your needs perfectly. However, to get the most use out of your unit, you need to know how to pack it properly. So, to help with this, we have put together a checklist for packing your storage unit like a pro. We hope you find it helpful.

Make an inventory list

In situations where you put a lot of items in storage, it can be challenging to remember everything you store. Therefore, putting together a comprehensive list of everything in your storage unit is very useful. It would be best to do this as you're bringing things into the unit, and remember to update the list every time something is put into it or taken out of it. If you want to take a step further, you can also take pictures of items you put into your storage. Finally, making a map of where items are inside your unit is the ultimate way to stay on top of things. So, with the proper preparation, you can rent a storage unit now and never worry about misplacing any of your items. While keeping the list updated can be a bit bothersome, it is better than losing your belongings.

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Making a list of the items you place in storage helps keep track of your stored belongings.

Disassemble furniture and store it upright

A great tip for packing your storage unit is to disassemble all of the furniture you plan to place into it and store the individual pieces upright and in the back of the unit. This includes headboards, tables, and bed frames. Some furniture (such as mattresses) should only be placed horizontally, but you are better off storing most pieces upright to save space. Doing this leaves you more open floor space to work with, which is especially important with smaller units. Although, you should plan ahead and make sure you rent a storage unit of the right size. If you know you will be storing a lot of items in the unit, you should try to find a larger one. On the other hand, if you only need to keep a few articles for a short time, smaller units are a better call.

Put heavier items on the bottom

This one is a pretty simple tip. To avoid lighter and smaller boxes being crushed, place the heavier ones on the bottom and preferably to the back of the unit. In addition to avoiding unnecessary damage, this creates a solid base to place lighter items on top. And by putting them to the back of the unit, you make sure the heavy things are out of the way, and you don't have to move them. This can be especially useful if you rent the storage for a move. You will want to have quick access to all of the items and have them well organized. Also, it would be best if you thought about the kinds of moving boxes you use for your belongings. Not all boxes are usable for all items, so make sure you find the most suitable ones for your needs. Think in terms of size and how sturdy they are.

Placing heavier items on the bottom can help you make more room in the unit while avoiding damage.

Place items that you frequently need at the front

A great tip for packing your storage unit like a pro is to put the belongings you will need to take out often to the front. The reasoning is pretty simple: you don’t want to dig through the entire unit to find one or two items every time. Especially if you take these items once or twice a week, it can become very tricky to look for them. So place them in the front so you can walk in, grab them and leave. However, if you plan to use the storage unit long-term, remember to check some things before renting a storage unit. For example, it's also essential to make sure the items you are storing in your unit are allowed to be kept there.

Moreover, not all units are suitable for all items. Specialty articles, such as paintings, have special needs. In this case, you would need a climate-controlled storage unit, so be careful.

Label everything

This should be done before anything else. When packing your items for storage, don't forget to label all the boxes. There is nothing more annoying than trying to find a specific item in your storage unit after even a few weeks of leaving them in storage. Especially if you plan to keep your belongings in storage for a long time without touching them, this can save you a lot of trouble once you take them out. Label your boxes by type of item stored inside. Also, make sure you label the boxes clearly. It doesn't have to be anything special; printed labels or permanent markers do the job quite nicely. This also helps if you plan to keep adding items over time. With labeled boxes, you will know exactly where to put the new articles when the time comes.

Labeling your boxes is an excellent way to stay organized.

Checklist for Packing your storage unit like a pro – closing thoughts

Renting a storage unit has many uses. Whether you're moving or remodeling, or if you need to store some extra belongings for the short or long term, a storage unit is a perfect solution. Of course, finding a unit in a good location and of the ideal size can be a bit difficult, but it is worth it. Just make sure you know how to keep track of everything you store. And if you know how to pack and organize your unit correctly, it gets even better. We hope you found this checklist for packing your storage unit like a pro helpful.