How Big Families Can Benefit From Self-Storage

Published on 3/8/2022

How Big Families Can Benefit from Self-Storage

A big family on the beach.

When we think of the benefits of having a large family, we often think of the abundance of love and support shared amongst family members. When you're a part of a big family, you have many companions who are there to help you get through life and share all of the ups and downs. However, when it comes to storing each member's belongings, there are specific difficulties to overcome. That's why particularly big families can benefit from self-storage. Let's take a look at all the ways it can help.

Make space for everyone

A large household will require everyone to learn more about patience and sharing, despite the more, the merrier philosophy. Every individual's personal space must be respected, and how you accomplish this will significantly impact the final outcome.

Take care of your precious possessions

If everything's all over the place, other members of the family can easily mistreat your precious belongings. It doesn't matter if it's sports equipment, clothing, toys, baby items, limited edition collectables, or Christmas decorations. It's particularly heartbreaking to see your beloved Lego collection given away because it took up too much space.

Lego toys  blog image

With self-storage options, you don't have to give up your favorite LEGO pieces.

Fortunately, there are excellent storage solutions available today that allow each member of the family to have their own private space to manage their belongings. It not only provides you with the additional space you may require, but it is also an excellent way to help you organize your space better. That way, you won't have to throw away items you may require later.

Look forward to returning home every day!

Because each family member is responsible for their belongings in self-storage, the issue of personal space is largely resolved. However, this is not the end of the story. Storage of non-essential items, including old furniture that you are reluctant to part with, will free up more space in the living areas of your home. Choosing a storage unit will also allow you to spend more time with family, whether it's just your immediate family or inviting everyone from across the country for a big get-together in one place.

Don't worry about large gatherings

When it comes to large gatherings, it's pretty common to find yourself with an insufficient number of seats, tables, or other amenities. By renting self-storage, you can eliminate this issue as well. If you have visitors, whether they are friends or family, you can use the extra chairs and tables from your home storage to accommodate your guests while they are here. 

Keep your stuff safe while you're away 

Homes that are left unoccupied, even for a short period, are more likely to be targeted by burglars. Before you leave for your vacation, it's a good idea to store any valuable or pricey items in a self-storage facility.

House blog image

Protect your valuable belongings by using a self-storage unit when you go on a vacation.

Store things for the future

If you have a large family, it's not surprising if you want to make it even bigger. One of the most beneficial uses of self-storage would be to store baby and toddler items. Quality baby and toddler items can be quite expensive, and they may outgrow them relatively quickly.

Keep in mind that if you are planning future additions to the family, keeping these in good condition will save a significant amount of money. But, more importantly, it will bring back many fond memories of the older siblings reaching adulthood.

When moving, big families can benefit from self-storage big time

The bigger the family, the bigger the worry when moving from one home to another. The study was performed recently, and big families moving to Manhattan were included. The 98% of the families that hired movers and used self-storage during the move declared it useful during this process. 

Some of the benefits of the self-storage they mentioned were:

simplified decluttering

reduced stress

financial profit

Save money

Using self-storage saves money in several ways. For starters, a storage unit is usually much less expensive than people think. Self-storage facilities know their market and know that self-storage needs to be affordable for their customers, even if families are on a budget. It's a lot less expensive than you might expect, and the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks.

Make money by using it?

Self-storage can help you make money if one of your family members is self-employed and running a start-up. Stock storage in a convenient, cost-effective facility is an excellent alternative to expensive warehouses that lock you into long-term contracts. Additionally, you'll reclaim any space you'd previously given up to stock storage at your residence or other property.

It's more affordable than downsizing

Maximizing the amount of space in your home is a common goal for most families. Since 2010, the price of a square meter of land in the United States has increased by 18%. It made it more expensive to move if you own your home. Just renting a cheap storage unit and gaining the space you currently use to store your things makes more sense than upsizing. 

Storage containers blog image

Big families can benefit from self-storage financially, too.

Make the Most of Your Space

As your children grow up and leave the nest, your entire family will no longer live in the same house. Make the most of the space you have while your family is together. You can transform an extra room in your home can into an additional playroom, nursery, or games room. Just put seasonal items in a storage unit and repurpose the rest of the space in your home.


If you were still asking yourself if big families can benefit from self-storage, we hope to have clarified some things. There are a lot of perks we mentioned and many more that you could find personally. Don't be afraid to explore your options, and we hope you and your family will soon be members of a self-storage community.